Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Project Overview

As a Computer Graphics, Visual Art, and Environmental Studies student, I have been lucky enough to receive an NSERC USRA grant from the Canadian Government to work on a research project to render Virtual Forest Environments.

I am interested in exploring new methods of forest rendering that are fast enough for real time use in games and interactive simulations.  As well as developing aesthetically pleasing scenes, I also want to be able to create animations modeling ecological processes such as growth and succession. 

Helena National Forest, Montana

Beyond natural processes, I also would like to develop systems to model interactions with industrial elements that threaten forest environments, including logging, agriculture, mining, tar sands and fracking operations.

Northern British Columbia Cut Block

The focus of this project is to model forests artistically, not to develop photo realistic environments. 
The intent of these solutions to look good, while being able to support real time interaction and modification animations.  I may explore a variety of approaches, and will try to combine appropriate elements to create dynamic and interactive forests.

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