Thursday, 30 May 2013

Process Synthesis

So far the per pixel displacement approach to forest rendering works pretty well and looks pretty good.

There are a few inherent problems, mainly that trees are not rendered from a perpendicular view angle, and that there is still some flickering on the horizons. Though all in all this process provides a flexible basis for experimentation.

Some more work can be done to improve individual trees, better texturing, adding stumps and possibly branches.  There are more states I would like to show as well, from growth to death, cut blocks and burned forests.  I also would like to  work on various animations, and real time interaction with systems such as fire.

Though at this point the problems with this process may negate its usability or practicality.  There is definitely a lot of overhead for full integration, and this process obviously has limits.  I see potential at this point to develop some of my personal interests, but the technical side of this process may not be worth continuing. 

I will try to experiment with adapting this process to offset vertices up, then offset pixels down.  This may solve some of the flickering on horizons, but may still have some problems. 

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