Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Interactive Fire System

I have implemented a fire system that works with the forest rendering process.  This fire system operates in real time and is interactive, allowing for use for simulations, video games and art installations.  The fire system spreads to unburned available fuel, responds to local wind conditions and moves uphill according to the terrain slope.  Fires spread organically, creating patchy areas of burned fuel.

The video above is a sample of a game, where tools of a Pulaski for fire removal, and drip torch for ignition are given.  With these two mechanisms, a user can suppress and alter behavior of fires.  This sample was adapted within a few hours, and is a rough draft for a potential video game built with the Forest Rendering Project and component fire system.


Homeostasis is an interactive visual art installation created with this forest rendering process and wildfire system.  This project implements continual regeneration and regrowth of a forest, restoring areas burned by randomly occurring fires.  This installation can run indefinitely, maintaining an adaptive equilibrium that is dependent on small and medium scale fires occurring regularly.

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